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Jessie J aiming for acoustic album

Jessie J has revealed that she wants to record an acoustic album. 

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker enjoyed phenomenal success with her debut offering, 'Who You Are', but told the NME at Glastonbury festival that her sophomore release will not "sound the same":

"Things change, but [it's] just good music. I don't want it to sound the same, I'd like to record an acoustic album."

"I write about life. So the next album will be about the life I've led in the last six months. I had seven years to write the first one and I've seen a lot of different things."

Many of Jessie J's YouTube videos have been acoustic so it wouldn't be alien to her and she is no stranger to performing with a raw, stripped back style, but she hasn't yet set the direction of her next record in stone. 

Watch her sing 'Mama Knows Best' in her bedroom here: