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Jessie J wants to save the world

Pop star Jessie J isn't letting her recent injury get her down, and has said that the best part about her job is being able to “save the world” with her music.

The singer loves to hear from fans whose lives she changed with her music, because it was always her dream to have such an impact.

She said: "Every day on twitter I get, 'Your album saved my life right now' and, 'How did you put my life into words?'

"I just don't want to write music that's throwaway. Ever since I was a kid I've written poetry and songs to make people thing. I've always wanted to save the world in my own little way."

The ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker believes that her need to make a difference is genetic: She explained: "My dad's a social worker and I almost want to give that to the world.

"I think people are done with, 'I'm in the club, shakin' my booty', with running away from their bad day. I think they want someone who's gonna go, 'Fix up - welcome to the real world.'

"I'm fed up of people sugar-coating life for kids, making them think everything's amazing and everyone's perfect looking and artists don't get spots or diarrhoea before a show. We do. And that's what I wanna stand for.

"I want to write music that brings some light into the world."

Watch Jessie below with a live acoustic performance of ‘Price Tag’: