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Jessie J's first same-sex relationship was at age 17

Singer-songwriter Jessie J has revealed that being open about her fluid sexuality has helped encourage not only her fans, but others, to do the same and to stand up for their beliefs. 

Speaking to Glamour magazine, the 'Price Tag' hitmaker explained:

"Because I haven't tried to hide it, people have gone, 'Oh she's so cool about it, so we're cool about it.'"

"It is important for me to be open and honest about it. My mum and dad have known for years and were super cool, my sisters made jokes about it because they were married with kids and I was the rebellious one. I had a girlfriend and tattoos. I was like... hardcore."

She previously revealed to the press that she has had sexual experiences with both men and women, and added that her first intimate same-sex encounter took place when she was just 17:

"How old was I when I had my first girlfriend? Dunno. 17? It wasn't a girlfriend, more my first girl experience."

Watch Jessie J's video for 'Nobody's Perfect' here: