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Jessie J meets her double in 'The Voice' audience

Pop sensation Jessie J had a shock while working as a coach on new talent show The Voice recently as she noticed a woman in the audience who looked almost exactly like her. 

Upon noticing 23-year-old Melissa Frayne in the crowd, The Sun reported that the 'Who You Are' singer exclaimed "oh my god, you're freaking me out" and invited her to join the panel onstage for a moment.

Frayne explained to The Sun that she often gets mistaken for Jessie J and now and again she gets asked to sign autographs on the street:  

"The resemblance is more than uncanny — we look like identical twins. I sent a picture of myself to a lookalike agency and the boss called to say, 'We need a picture of you, not Jessie J.'"

"People ask me for my autograph in the street. He told me, 'What are you doing here? We need to get you to the performers' entrance'. But there is one big difference between us — I can't sing a note."

Watch Jessie J perform 'Who You Are' here: