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Jessie J: "I would love to work with Aretha Franklin"

Jessie J has revealed that she would love to one day collaborate with Aretha Franklin.

The 'Domino' singer was answering fans' questions on a special video made by her new TV talent show, The Voice.

When asked who 'Who would you like to duet with?', Jessie J answered:

"One person that I would love to work with is Aretha Franklin. Because her voice is just ridiculous."

Jessie J also tackled the subject of who inspires her, adding that everyday folk give her inspiration. She said:

"My fans, my family, my friends, a mum on the bus reading to her kids. Anyone that I feel good from. I recently went to hospital where I met kids that probably won't see the end of this year. They inspired me beyond belief and I think it's moments like that that you have to take inspiration from and really realise what you have in life."

Watch Jessie J answering fans' questions below: