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Jessie J says 'Laserlight' video is dedicated to her fans

Jessie J has treated her fans, or Heartbeats as they're widely known, to behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Laserlight' video shoot.

The superstar, who recently changed her Twitter handle to a more streamlined '@JessieJ', explains in the clip that 'Laserlight' was inspired by and dedicated to her supportive followers:

"The story of the video is kind of my overall view of the last year of my life. 'Laserlight' is about my fans – they're the ones that give me the opportunity to feel safe, make me feel like I can live my life, my dream, another day – every day."

She also joked that there are "lots of firsts" in the final edit, adding: "I've not done a kind of vibe-y kind of rave scene, so it's been good. And I've never done underwear so that's a first, too! First video without a fringe!"

The director of 'Laserlight' also explained he loves to work with Jessie J because they always share the same visions for each project: "It's really good working with Jessie – as soon as she walks on the set you do like one, two takes per lens and [she's] nailing it every time."

Watch the exclusive footage in full below: