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JLS talk about window-smashing fan antics

Boyband JLS are forced to stay in hotels miles from their concert venues because fans have taken to smashing windows in order to get their attention.

The lads explained to Irish television show 'Xpose' that out of respect for hotels they have to travel before sleeping as there's always a risk that someone will discover their location and run riot in the building to try and get to them:

"The hotels can't deal with the fans, they'll rip out everything to get to us. They smash in windows and break down doors and we have to pay for it."

On April 9, the 'One Shot' superstars also took to their official Twitter page and revealed that their current album 'Jukebox' has gone Platinum in Ireland:

"MASSIVE thank you to all our Irish fans! Jukebox has gone platinum!!! Thank you so much!"




Watch the guys perform 'Proud' in Liverpool on their recent tour here: