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JLS star has no time to rest, wants to move his bed into the studio

Oritse Williams, of popular boyband JLS, has admitted that he's spending so much time in the studio that he's thinking about setting up a bed in there.

The lads are working on new material at the moment, and Williams took to social networking site Twitter earlier today (June 11) to joke with his followers that all he does is hole up in the booth, writing and recording:

"Have I realy jus woken up after leavin studio at like 3am ! *need more sleep*. I think I should've made a lil bed in the studio, put a lil pillow & quilt in the recording booth! It is sound proof after all! Ori x."

Later this morning he returned to the site and exclaimed that he can't even rest at home because people are constantly trying to get in contact with him, adding:

"There's no Way I can sleep any longer! Emails, bbm's, texts, calls, skypes alll going off! Everyone hittin me up! Jheeze."

The lads have also been confirmed to perform at this year's iTunes Festival and will host their concert at the Roundhouse in Camden on September 6.




Watch JLS perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert here: