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Jedward thank fans for support: 'You've shaped who we are'

Irish twins John and Edward Grimes have revealed that they're incredibly grateful to their fans for all the support over the years as it has allowed them to grow and have fantastic experiences. 

The pair, who are known as Jedward, took to their joint Twitter page this evening and confessed that they wouldn't be where they are now without the help and dedication of their lovely fanbase:

"It's awesome that people have grown with us and new people are joining us and get us now and love the songs we are writing. We're not worried about not being on every radio we're putting out music for the fans and finding our feet cuz music is a reflection of us."

"We have changed some people's lives and gave them a purpose to shine and helped them see their inner awesomeness!! Love you all. Every song we create is an emotion that belongs to u so u can apply the lyrics to your life we've expressed these feelings to help you grow. We have learned so much stuff - it's all about gathering experiences that shape who you are! We have our own lane in the music scene that rocks."

The cheeky stars added: "We've been doing this since we were 17 and we feel this is part of us all. Thank you to all the people buying our music and caring about us. Every fan has so much in common - they have this endless love to make our dreams come true and have turned us into who we are today. Our perspective is different and we are proud to be were we are! It's a different game everything is new and we're ready to start the race."

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Watch their newly unveiled video for 'Leave A Mark' here:


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