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Kevin Jonas spills on his group's new material: 'Frank Ocean influenced us'

Jonas Brothers member Kevin has opened up about the group's forthcoming new album and revealed that they were inspired by several contemporary artists' sounds.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he explained that Frank Ocean was a big influence on them this time around: "Yeah, definitely Frank Ocean was an influence. There were so many people that influenced this next album, just more the direction and the tone. We took our time. We all did individual things for a very long time, and we needed to."

He also admitted that fans will be able to tell the boys have grown up and are older with the new record as the content is more mature: "Yeah, oh definitely. We're all in our 20s and I'm 25 and married. The content is different than it was before. We're not talking about simple little things anymore, we're talking about actual things in life that matter. And I think that people have grown with us as well."

"Our fans that were 16, 18 are now also in their 20s and so they're dealing with real life issues and starting to have real relationships and families and things like that. It's definitely pretty intense and really cool to see."

Kevin Jonas (pictured below with wife Danielle) even revealed that he recently met some of the One Direction heartthrobs, adding: "One Direction's great - I just met Harry a couple of days ago actually, and he's just super nice. I'm just happy that music and pop is coming back."





Watch a clip from his reality series, 'Married To Jonas', below: