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Jonas Brothers on new album: 'When we first got into the studio it didn't feel right'

Pop-rock trio Jonas Brothers have revealed that their forthcoming fifth album is "completely finished".

The guys have been working on the new offering for some time now, but told that the project is complete and they're proud of creating a record that "represents who we are and where we're at now".

Member Kevin Jonas explained: "In the past we used influences that inspired us -- the Beatles, the Jackson 5, things like that. This time around we used influences that were happening for us now, new music, things that were getting us inspired to get in the studio and write."

Referring specifically to their influences this time around, the Jonas Brothers confessed that contemporary artists inspired them a lot: "We really listen to a lot of Frank Ocean, Miguel, Calvin Harris, artists that were doing something unique in the moment we were writing this album. It really adapted to the way we were thinking and where we were at. We were just trying to be who we were and who we are, and I think that (music) really helped."

Kevin added that writing sessions for the new album got off to a rocky start, but they allowed themselves a lot of time to develop the songs: "We got in the studio and we started writing and it didn't feel right. It was like, 'Ugh, it's not happening yet,'. So we took some time off. We were able to say, 'OK, this isn't right for us yet,' and that was fine."





Listen to their new single, 'First Time', below: