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Jonas Brothers: "Justin Bieber is going through a period of growth"

The Jonas Brothers believe Justin Bieber's recent behaviour is down to the singer transitioning into an adult.

The 19-year-old Canadian singer has endured some negative headlines this year, from turning up late on stage to lashing out at a photographer.

The 'Believe' man was also recently filmed urinating into a mop bucket and uttering a swear word at a picture of Bill Clinton.

Speaking to US TV show Watch What Happens Live, Nick Jonas shared his thoughts on why Bieber has seemingly developed a penchant for going off the rails. He said:

"Here's what I'll say is that everyone has to go through a period of growth. I think he's in that period now. I wish the best for him 'cause I do think he's a talented person. But he just has to get through a season of growth."

Joe Jonas meanwhile simply surmised: "Boys will be boys, I guess".





Watch the Jonas Brothers' 'First Time' video below: