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Justin Bieber on being disappointed with his behaviour: 'I didn't know I was being arrogant'

'As Long As You Love Me' superstar Justin Bieber has revealed that he didn't realise he was behaving badly in the past because he was just reacting to what was going on around him. 

During a new interview with On Air with Ryan earlier today (April 2), the Canadian sensation explained that he had no way of preparing for such a phenomenal rise to fame and handled it in the only way he could at the time:

"There was no way of me preparing for this [life]. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Now looking back at some of the interviews, I look at it and I’m disappointed because I didn’t see myself in that way. I didn’t know I was being arrogant. Because when you are being cocky, you are the only one that doesn’t know you look like a jerk. So I wouldn’t really change anything because I grew and now I’m looking at it and I can see it. Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.”

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