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Bieber presented with a hometown honour

Teen sensation Justin Bieber has been given a very special honour by his Canadian hometown, Stratford. 

The 'Baby' superstar began his phenomenal career by busking on the streets of his native Ontario and yesterday (September 16) revealed that a star has been laid to celebrate his talent. Tweeting a message to his 12 million followers, Bieber wrote:

"woke up 2day and got an email of this star in front of the place i used to busk in my hometown. #DREAMBIG. and thank u. cant help but smile. thank u to everyone who ever cared. very grateful. anything is possible."

The black and gold star is cemented to the pavement - in the style of the Hollywood Walk of Fame - and marks the performer's journey to incredible success. 

Watch footage of Bieber busking before he was famous here:


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