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Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift get Punk'd by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber got one over on some celebrity friends as the new series of Punk'd aired in the US.

The teen popstar targeted the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift as MTV's prank show hit the TV screens once again.

Regular host Ashton Kutcher is currently taking a back seat, so Bieber was called in as a guest presenter.

In one of his pranks, the 'Boyfriend' singer made Taylor Swift believe she had accidently set fire to a wedding yacht with stray fireworks.

Meanwhile, Bieber turned the tables on Miley Cyrus, who believed that she was in fact Punking Bieber herself. Cyrus had set up a scene where a group of skateboarders was giving the teen star verbal abuse - but Bieber, who was in on it all along, pretended rather convincingly to attack one of the boarders, much to the shock of Cyrus.

Watch Bieber getting one over Miley Cyrus below: