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Justin Bieber's manager left red faced after singer breaks into his Twitter account

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun was the victim of a Twitter prank on Sunday night (June 10) after the teen singer took control of his account.

The Canadian posted a series of messages whilst logged into Braun's account, joking that he wets the bed and that Scooter's name sounds like a toy. Bieber said:

"Hahaha. look who left their twitter open by mistake! priceless. I Love Justin. He is the greatest. I wish i had more hair. Pranked. I wet the bed...often."

He added: "My name is over 30 and I still have the name of a toy."

Braun then took back control of his account, tweeting: "Not cool. for my friends..that wasnt me. 18 year old kid snatched up my twitter. I apologize. Im back. I only wet the bed sometimes. and yes...revenge will be mine."

He later considered whether or not to delete his tweets as his Grandmothers look at his Twitter - but he decided they will stay. He said:

"Debating if i should erase the tweets of my being pranked. it is kinda funny but my grandmas check my twittre and they wont get it."

Watch Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' below: