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Justin Bieber's manager: "Just because he's legal now doesn't mean he's an adult"

Scooter Braun, the manager of 18-year-old Canadian sensation Justin Bieber, has revealed that while he is defined as an adult because of his age he is definitely still maturing and still "needs guidance".

In a new interview with Billboard, Braun explained that the 'Boyfriend' superstar shouldn't be classed as an adult artist just yet because he still needs to find his feet now that he has outgrown the style that launched his career:

"Adult artist? Just because he's legal now doesn't mean he's an adult. He still needs guidance; he's still finding his way. He's no longer a boy, but he's definitely not yet a man."

Braun also admitted that Bieber has added pressure because he is living in the age of social media and has to deal with changing from a boy to a man in a very public way:

"No one in the history of the world has ever grown up with the pressure that he has, being a solo artist that young, that famous, in a world with technology that exposes us 24-7. He was literally going through puberty in front of the entire world, with everyone expecting something from him and a lot people waiting for him to screw up."

"He's a fighter. I'm proud of him - how's he's stayed true to himself and taken control of the entire situation."

Referring specifically about the constant presence of social media, Bieber added: "Your life is out there a lot more, especially nowadays when everybody has a HD camera phone on them at all times."

"But my whole career launched from the Internet, so without it, I feel like I wouldn't even be here. I owe a lot of my success to social media, to Twitter, to YouTube and Facebook. It is also a great way to interact with fans."

Watch his performance at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards below: