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Justin Bieber on his haters: “They hate the fact that I am successful at a young age”

Justin Bieber has claimed that one of the reasons some people dislike him is that he’s become so successful at such a young age.

The 18-year-old, who is set to chart in the UK later today with his third album, ‘Believe,’ told The Independent that he also feels there’s a misconception about the amount of input he has in his career when asked about his haters:

"I think they hate the idea of me. They hate the fact that I am successful at a young age and that I am doing what a lot of people wish they could be doing. There's people that just hate for those reasons. And they might not even have heard any of my music.

“I think they just doubt that there's any sort of talent that comes with me. Because they feel like I was a product and put together and then [presented], like, 'Here you go'. But it's not – I've been making music ever since I can remember. This isn't just a marketing scheme. I'm the real deal and I hope to just show that in what I do."

But the ‘Boyfriend’ star, who recently admitted that he nearly quit the music industry over his involvement in a false paternity claim, went on to declare that he isn’t going to change for anyone:

“Everything that I do, I always am me and I always let people know what I'm gonna do, what I wanna do. And I'm not gonna conform to anything. I just want to be different and be known as someone who's, like, a nice guy. But I won't take anybody's, like, shit."

Watch a recent interview with Justin Bieber below: