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Justin Bieber asks his Beliebers not to argue with other acts' fans

Justin Bieber has asked his supporters not to start arguments with fans of other bands.

The Canadian is currently embroiled in a face-off with British boyband One Direction for a publicly voted MTV VMA.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' stars are leading the vote and fans of the two acts have been passionately supporting their idols on Twitter in the battle for the Most Share-Worthy Video gong, which will be given out at the VMA ceremony on September 6.

Justin Bieber, however, took to the social networking website today (September 3) to ask his fans not to start fights with other fans. He said:

"Want no arguments with my fans with others. no need for that. if i can be friends with other artists we can be friends with other fans."

He said: "But i do love how you defend me. i do the same for any of you. NO ONE MESSES with this fanbase. haha. Love yall. #BELIEBERS GO HARD! But let's make it about the music. get #BELIEVE for a friend, a hater, anyone who doesnt know and let's see how the music efffects them."

Watch Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' video below: