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Justin Bieber beaten up by Family Guy's Peter Griffin

Justin Bieber has been attacked after a jealous man thought he was cheating on his wife.

Alas, the incident wasn't real - it's just part of a new episode of popular animated series Family Guy.

The episode, which is entitled 'Lois Comes Out of Her Shell, sees character Lois Griffin revisit her youth and attend a concert of a teen heartthrob, which turns out to be Justin Bieber.

However, her husband Peter Griffin suspects that the singer is having an affair with his wife - leading to the portly character landing a number of blows to Bieber's head, calling him a "b*stard".

It's not the first time Bieber has been on the receiving end on a US TV show, with the singer previously shot dead during a personal cameo on CSI. An image of Bieber's untimely on-screen death can be seen below.

Watch Justin Bieber getting beaten up on Family Guy below: