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Justin Bieber: "I'm an artist"

Justin Bieber has defended his music and insisted that he is not manufactured.

The singer found fame after being discovered on YouTube as a young teenager in 2008 by manager Scooter Braun.

Speaking on the Jimmy Fallon show, Bieber said his tunes reveal that he is an "artist" - not a "made" pop product. He said:

"It's just good music. It just shows that I wasn't made, I was found on YouTube and it shows people music is music. That's what you need to focus on - listening to the music. I'm an artist. I want to show people what I love to do."

The 'Boyfriend' star added that his new album 'Believe Acoustic' highlights his YouTube roots, explaining:

"I wanted to basically strip it down so it's just me and an acoustic guitar. Some of it is me and a piano but most of it is just raw me. I think the fans really like it because it's just kind of how I started. I started with just me on the internet. Not really with all the produced pop music and so it's just that it's just really mellowed down and I feel like it's made for all ages."

Bieber meanwhile also took to kissing a mannequin whilst on the show - promptly sending Twitter wild as a result. Watch Bieber on Jimmy Fallon below: