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Justin Bieber's manager reveals upcoming tour movies

Justin Bieber's manager says the Canadian superstar will share all of his live tours in a movie-style format from now on.

18-year-old Bieber's hugely successful 2011 3D concert film 'Never Say Never' was a box office hit and documented his rise to fame from an early age. The film also showed footage of his 2010 concert tour.

The star's manager Scooter Braun has now revealed Bieber is committed to sharing all of his live show experiences with fans from across the globe.

Braun told MTV News: "What we want to do is ... the concerts sell out so quickly, which has really been a blessing. But Justin and I were talking about how there's so many kids out there who are in a position like he was growing up who don't have a lot of money, who aren't able to go to concerts.

He added: "He wants to put each one of his tours for the rest of his career in theatres for at least one weekend so that kid can to the theatre, pay their $10 and have that experience."

Braun revealed that the "movies" won't be in a documentary-style format as 'Never Say Never' was, continuing: "This is more about just giving them the concert and letting all the kids around the world for one weekend go to the concert together and then go back home and go online and share their experience."

Bieber is currently busy with rehearsals for his 'Believe' tour, taking to Twitter this week to share his hard work with fans.

He wrote: "Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal .... Rehearsal. up real early today for a LONG DAY of rehearsals. and now a blizzard is coming. no issue. Im Canadian (sic)." Listen to Justin Bieber's acoustic version of 'As Long As You Love Me' here: