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Justin Bieber defended by grandmother

Justin Bieber has received some support from his grandmother.

The Canadian singer has endured some tough times this year as his private life goes under the microscope like never before.

Some of the incidents which caught the headlines included a scuffle with a camera man and a video which saw the singer urinate into a mop bucket.

Speaking to CTV, Bieber's grandmother Diane Dale said that she feels the intrusion into his life is unjust, mainly due to the fact that the star is just a 19-year-old.

She cited the notion that many other youths the same age would be doing similar things. The grandmother said:

"It's totally crazy. I feel sorry for Justin all the time, because paparazzi pick on him all the time."

Dale added: "Anybody else's kids have done the same thing but nobody says anything. He's a 19-year-old boy. And before you criticise him, say, 'What is my 19-year-old boy doing?'."

Bieber's latest apparent indiscretion comes in the shape of photos acquired by TMZ which appear to show the singer spitting from a balcony.

It's unclear who is underneath the balcony but Bieber had previously uploaded a photo of fans grouped below him.

It follows news that a DJ filed a police report against the 'Boyfriend' man for allegedly spitting in his face at a club. Watch Justin Bieber on tour below: