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Justin Timberlake seals street cred

In the wake of the most-hyped movie of the year, 'The Social Network', being released in the US yesterday (October 1), Justin Timberlake joined Jimmy Fallon this week on the show, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'.

The singer-actor-designer sealed his street cred by taking to the stage with Fallon to bust some rhymes, alongside The Roots

The pair paid homage to the history of rap, starting with Sugar Hill Gang's, "Rapper's Delight", then launched into a medley of hits, ending with a rousing rendition of Jay-Z's, "Empire State of Mind"

And while he may be starring in a movie about social networking, ironically Timberlake has admitted that he wouldn’t even know how to operate Facebook if he tried.

I don't care about my friends' feelings - they can just call me and tell me. I feel like a dinosaur because if I was on it, I wouldn't know how to operate it," he said.

Check out the video below: