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Justin Timberlake knows how to 'sniff out' a gold digger

Newly single star, Justin Timberlake, isn't worried about gold-digging women that might be eager to jump in ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel's shoes. 

The 'SexyBack' singer told Britain's Hello! magazine that over the years he's been able to finely tune his instincts and can now 'sniff out' people with ulterior motives:

"That's something you very quickly become adept to sniffing out. You just kind of sit and listen to people and hear what they're saying and what sort of questions they're asking. That tells you very quickly what they're motivated by. Questions like: 'How much money do you have in the bank?' are generally a giveaway."

Watch him talk about starring alongside former partner Cameron Diaz in 'Bad Teacher' here: