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Justin Timberlake personalises film roles with sense of style

Multi-talented performer Justin Timberlake has opened up about his love of fashion and how he manages to incorporate it into film roles in a new interview.

The 'My Love' hitmaker, who has starred in many popular movies, told GQ magazine that clothes and appearance are important to him and some of the characters he's had the luck to portray have been particularly stylish, while others simply haven't:

"I've had some pretty well-dressed characters: Sean Parker, who wore suits all the time. I'd say the worst dressed was Scott in 'Bad Teacher'. Some of those sweaters were just ridiculous; the one with the bone latch was really funny."

"I would say Will in 'In Time' had some of the coolest clothing I've worn. It's not every day you get Colleen Atwood, the Oscar-winning costumer, dress you."

"I put a little bit of how I dress and little bit of who I am into every character because [that way] you find something to relate to."




Last week, it was revealed that Timberlake will return to music soon as he is set to compose the score for an upcoming project entitled 'The Devil In The Deep Blue Sea', which features his fiancée Jessica Biel.

Watch Timberlake's 2012 Saturday Night Live skit appearance below: