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Kasabian set for 'epic' new album

Kasabian plan to return with an "epic" new album later this year and are currently travelling between San Francisco and Los Angeles to finish mixing it, a record label spokesperson has confirmed. 

Speaking to, a representative from the 'Processed Beats' act's label Sony/BMG explained:

"They're still working on it,"

"although it's nearly finished. They're mixing it. I can't tell you who's producing it – it's secret – and I can't even give you a clue about what it sounds like because we haven't heard it."

Kasabian recently appeared on Sky Arts' Songbook programme and the band's songwriter, Sergio Pizzorno revealed a few details about the album's style and content:

"Well, it's epic. It's big songs that make you feel like anything's possible. It's a really positive record. I suppose it's a combination of all three records but we've just taken it a bit further."

"I'm really excited about it, because after the last record, people really liked it and wanted to know what was next, and I'm happy to say that it's got better. I'm excited about playing it live – there are tunes on there that are going to take people to a new place."

Watch Pizzorno perform an acoustic version of 'Underdog' here: