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Kasabian's Tom Meighan tries 'not to live in the real world'

Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan says he used to spend hours looking for aliens when he was younger after becoming obsessed with the film, 'E.T.'

He said: "I genuinely wanted an alien to be my best friend. When I was five I used to wait in the garden with a potted plant and sit in the long grass for hours. Loads of times I imagined I saw a spaceship. I had quite an incredible childhood."

Even now Meighan says he likes to escape reality because he isn't a fan of the real world.

He told Q magazine: "I try not to live in the real world. My heart's not in the real world but my head is, if that makes sense. I just find it boring. All my family, my missus and my friends, they know what I'm like and I can escape with them but, yeah, I've just got a knack of switching off. But reality does hit me sometimes."

Watch Kasabian's interview at the Isle of Wight Festival here: