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Katy Perry: 'I never write songs or go into the recording studio on tour'

Superstar Katy Perry has revealed that she never writes songs while she's on the road performing because it's too stressful. 

During an interview with On Air with Ryan earlier this morning (March 20), the beauty explained that she has to separate songwriting from touring because it's just too much work at once and she doesn't like feeling that kind of pressure:

"I never work on the road. I kind of separate the two because I just feel like it’s just such a hard task to go on tour all over the world and then to have the days off in a recording studio — I’m just already so tired. I want to sound good, I want to be writing great songs, and I need to experience life so that I actually have something to write about."

She went onto add that taking time off for herself while she is touring is the most important thing: "So, I like to kind of experience in between and I’m taking notes along the way. I’m taking a lot of notes. I think it would be cool and pretty chill if I took a couple months off. I don’t think anybody is going to say I don’t deserve that.”

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