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Katy Perry on her most bizarre possessions: 'They're pretty weird, right?'

'Roar' songstress Katy Perry has revealed that she has some 'pretty weird' possessions, including a trip to outer space. 

During a new interview with Buzzfeed at the launch of her latest fragrance, Mad Potion, the beauty explained that she has bought some odd things over the years:

"I have a trip to space! [laughs] I also have this weird meditation chair that changes lights so when you’re meditating it’s like light therapy. Those are pretty weird, right? I’m trying to get one of those things — what’s that thing that Michael Jackson slept in? A cryochamber! I wanna get a cryochamber. That’s, like, sooooo on trend right now — it’s buzzing.”

Perry also shared her go-to hangover cure, adding: "’In-N-Out burger is the cure. And also Sprite. I think there is probably a BuzzFeed article about Sprite being the number one drink that helps your hangovers. Sprite and an In-N-Out burger. And meditation and just sleeping the whole day away [...] I don’t like my onions grilled. I like them raw — like my sex. Just kidding. What?"

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Watch a teaser clip for her new perfume below: