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Katy Perry opens up candidly: 'I created that character out of protection'

Katy Perry has spoken candidly in today's Guardian about how she created the character 'Katy Perry' to escape her childhood, she said:

"A lot of people are living in fear from something that happened in their childhood, or some form of PTSD they picked up along the way, and I created this wonderful character called Katy Perry that I very much am, and can step into all the time, but I created that character out of protection."

Perry conducted the interview with a nose strip at half-mast, she continued:

"I was scared that if you saw me, Katheryn Hudson, the girl wearing the Boiré strip on my nose, you'd be like, 'that's not glamorous'. It was me going, 'OK, I've been upset my whole childhood, so I'm going to show the world I am something, that I am going to do something and that I am enough.' I didn't want to be Katheryn Hudson. I hated that, it was too scary for me, so I decided to be someone else."

Perry also spoke about how she has lost out financially by speaking her mind about the current political situation in the States, she said:

"Some people said, 'look we can't do this thing with you any more because we've gotten letters'. Basically, corporations are like, 'don't have an opinion', and I'm like 'so if I was vocalising for the other side, you'd still get letters, you know that, right?'

"What they're asking me to do is not speak at all. So, God bless you on your journey."

Katy Perry's latest studio album, 'Witness, is out now and she will play Glastonbury on June 24.

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