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Katy Perry "flattered" that people find her attractive as she feels 'weird and geeky'

Candy-loving pop star Katy Perry has admitted that she's surprised people think she is "hot" because she sees herself as weird and geeky.

Speaking to ET Online, the 'Teenage Dream' sensation explained that she doesn't tailor her public image to fit any kind of ideal and is always herself, so is flattered that fans find her attractive:

"I'm very flattered that someone still thinks I'm hot. I think it's the weirdness. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm ok with being a geek."

Referring to her highly-anticipated forthcoming 3D concert movie, 'Part Of Me', Perry added:

"You'll see a lot of geekiness in this film. I won't be considered cool anymore but for all the best reasons I hope."

Earlier this week, the songstress passed 20 million followers on social networking site Twitter and expressed her astonishment at reaching the impressive milestone by writing: "Whoa, 20 million followers?! Can I still make typos? Spell something wrong? Swear? Butt tweet? Accidentally post Noodz? #loveyouguys"



Watch the trailer for her new movie below: