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Katy Perry wants 'Part Of Me 3D' to be "an inspiration for people"

Songstress Katy Perry has admitted that she hopes her new movie 'Part Of Me 3D' will inspire her fans to go out and reach for the stars.

Speaking to MTV News, the 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker explained that she wants her followers around the world to take a life lesson from the film because it shows her own personal low points, which she expects might give them courage to be bold:

"I wouldn't say it's so therapeutic, because the movie is so well-rounded with so many different things. I guess some of it is just hopefully an inspiration for people."

"When they see it, they are like, 'Oh, yeah, she goes through some s*** too. I can't dodge life's curve balls if Katy Perry can't dodge life's curve balls.'"

The official premiere of 'Part Of Me 3D' took place last night (June 27) in Los Angeles and it was attended by the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber.




Watch coverage of her film's American premiere below: