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Katy Perry plans to "go into a cave" after film release

Katy Perry has admitted her desire to "go into a cave" after the release of her film 'Part of Me'.

The pop songstress is releasing the 3D flick soon, which will mark the end of her long stint promoting her album 'Teenage Dream'.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Perry said that she would love to retreat to a "beautiful unplugged place" - a cave perhaps - to get away from it all after 'Part of Me' is released. She said:

"I think I'm going to go into a cave after this. It might be appropriate. I would like to be in a beautiful unplugged place where there's not a lot going on so I can get back into and hopefully write some good songs."

She added: "Just take these damn extensions out of my hair and fill my head again! Although I will look like a complete freak."




Watch Katy Perry's video for new single 'Wide Awake' below: