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Katy Perry on Billboard honour: 'I was shocked because I thought my year was over'

Pop songstress Katy Perry will collect the Woman of the Year prize at tomorrow's Billboard Women in Music awards ceremony and admitted that the honour came as a big surprise.

She expressed her excitement at being this year's recipient of the coveted title in a new interview with Billboard and explained that she was particularly thrilled because she thought her "year was over":

"When I heard I was very honoured. I was also a bit surprised because I thought my year was over, especially ending a tour last year but it's nice to see that it's been extended. It does feel like this record (2010's 'Teenage Dream') has never ended."

"I like to be viewed as a strong woman and I think that's what Billboard is saying."

She also spoke about her influences and the other artists that she looks up to, and credited Alanis Morrisette and Ella Fitzgerald with inspiring her musically.




Watch her music video for 'Wide Awake' below: