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Katy Perry comes face to face with waxwork figure in Las Vegas

Pop beauty Katy Perry was in Las Vegas over the weekend to look at a wax figure made in her likeness by Madame Tussauds.

The singer posed for photographs next to the figure, which shows off her electric blue wig and Hershey's Kisses-style bikini top, and explained that it's exciting to see herself replicated in such a way:

"I think that now whenever I have to go and do something I particularly don't necessarily want to do, I'm sending her! 'Cause she's a great identical version of me. I mean she does have this strange six-pack that I don't have, I have more of a FUPA and she doesn't have that."

Perry also joked that her grandmother lives in Las Vegas so it's the perfect home for the waxwork, adding: "She's 92 and I can send her over whenever I can't make it to Grandma's, but I think it's great because then there's two Hudsons' there."





Watch the 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker talk about the figure here: