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Katy Perry: 'My fourth album will be more of an acoustic guitar record'

'Teenage Dream' beauty Katy Perry has revealed that her long-term career plans involve heading towards a more organic and natural sound because that was the style she loved when she was initially discovered.

Speaking exclusively to Billboard, the superstar explained that it's important to grow and evolve so she wants to experiment a little more on her next studio album after 'Prism':

"I'll probably turn into more of a Joni Mitchell. As I inch towards my 30s, I think my fourth record will be more of an acoustic guitar album. That's where I started when I was first discovered by Glen Ballard and got my first record deal."

Despite her plans to strip back the polished production and slick-pop sound, Perry added that she still feels as though she has a long road ahead of her so doesn't want to rush into anything that might shock or alienate her fans:

"I can't get ahead of myself. I'm still doing the work: I'm a good balance of left and right brain, and to be an artist with a long career, you've got to have both," she said. "One thing John [Mayer] said to me was, 'It's harder maintaining success than finding it.' I've got a few records under my belt, and I still feel like a brand-new artist. People still want that truth to cut through.


Watch her music video for 'Roar' below: