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Kelly Clarkson slams British newspaper for use of 'false quotes'

'Catch My Breath' songstress Kelly Clarkson has hit out at The Sunday Mirror's supplement magazine, entitled Celebs on Sunday, after an interview with her was published with quotes she described as "wrong".

The superstar took to her official Twitter page earlier today (November 27) and shared a photograph of the magazine's cover, which along with a photo of her boasts the tag line 'No one on the planet should be as famous as me', while explaining that what she said was taken out of context and negatively edited:

"Um ....wow, so a UK Magazine called the Mirror, Sunday Celebs edition, just put out an article on me and just to clear up the absolutely wrong so called quotes from me, I have never had anorexia nor did I ever say "no one should be as famous as me"."

Clarifying her actual remarks, Clarkson added: "I said in the interview, when asked about fame, that I have no desire to be as famous as Britney or Madonna. I said that kind of fame was too much for any person and that I have experienced a portion of what they deal with and that I didn't handle that well and I'm happy where I'm at in my career."

"Side note, I love when people take what you say and twist it to make you sound obnoxious and arrogant... nice job Mirror."




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