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Kelly Osbourne: 'I have a unique insight into the male mind'

'Fashion Police' co-host Kelly Osbourne has revealed that she understands men much better than most people she knows. 

Writing on her personal blog recently, she explained that growing up in a male environment has helped her to understand men really well and her friends often turn to her for advice about guys:

"Although I can be very girly, I'm still known amongst my friends as one of the girliest dudes that they know. Growing up on the road, I was surrounded by men, so have a unique insight into the male mind."

She posted the update after revealing that a female friend came to her with a message she had received from a male pal, which read: "I really wish you'd let me f**k you once if nothing else. I promise you amazing sex."

Of the text, Osbourne added: "I'm all for being blunt and forward, but word to the wise fellas, talking to a lady like this is not cool and does you no favours. Seriously, is this bloke for real?"

"I thought I'd share a little bit of advice with you all. To all you lovely gentlemen out there, DO NOT EVER send text messages like this. And if you do, AT LEAST lie and say you were drunk before apologising for being a complete tw*t. In your words, this is an instant boner killer.(sic)"

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