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Kelly Rowland on pregnancy and career: 'I want to do it all'

Songstress Kelly Rowland is currently pregnant with her first child and she revealed that she would love to be a mother and maintain her career. 

During a new interview with, the star explained that she should be able to 'have it all' because she's a smart woman who understands the value of work along with the importance of finding fulfilment in her personal life:

"I watch Diana Ross and Donna Summer and all these women - they've managed to do it all. I think 'What makes me different? I can definitely do it.' And this is something I've wanted. I've been talking about babies since last year."

Rowland added: "I believe I spoke it into existence during a conversation with my friend, and I feel like I became pregnant overnight!"

The hitmaker also posed nude for Elle and confessed that she doesn't get why pregnant women are often criticised for taking photographs of that nature while they're carrying a baby: "I don't know why they would get flack. It's really - I won't say amazing - it's Godmazing watching your body carry a human. Why wouldn't you want to celebrate that? The body should be celebrated."

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Watch a recent interview with Rowland below: