Today, Toronto singer/songwriter/producer Chris Grey unveils his powerful, emotional new track “Seamless." There is something to be said about the ease in which Chris Grey moves across the world of music, easily flexing his talents in songwriting, producing, and singing. What he wasn’t expecting? To blur boundaries with his friend who eventually turned into a collaborator who then turned into a girlfriend. This is the inspiration behind Grey’s new track “Seamless,” an ode to the times where you blend with another person so easily.

Beginning with a unique violin piece, Grey’s velvety-smooth falsetto vocals pairs perfectly with the atmospheric production. The track builds up until the finale — with Chris’ vocals on the bridge eventually morphing into a punchy, guitar-riff driven ending. “My girlfriend and I had recently crossed the line between being friends and co-writers to dating,” Chris explains. “We were joking about being seamless together and also how seamlessly we had moved from working together to being a couple. She started joking around singing 'with you it's just seamless' and we both looked at each other and realized that would be a cool song. We got out of bed and instantly started bouncing off rhymes and writing the song. The song came together seamlessly!”

Chris speaks further on the creation of the track stating “Once I finished up the song, I knew it needed a crazy guitar solo at the end, so I reached out to my guitar teacher who has done some guitar solos on a couple of my songs. He is the guitar player for Canadian metal band Operus and was the live bassist for Canadian metal band Annihilator. He's been my guitar teacher since I was 7 or 8 but lately, we have been collaborating on music.”

After being born to two music-loving parents both born in Kingston — one in the capital of Jamaica, the other in the Ontario city — Chris Grey didn’t just fall into music: he completely immersed himself in it. Growing up with timeless R&B records paired with the infectious & euphoric iconic old-school pop records, it’s only natural that his own sound is a juxtaposed blend of the two. Now, following his debut EP “The Beginning” in 2018, its follow-up “Falling Apart” in 2020, and his most recent single “I should be happy,” which garnered support from the likes of Earmilk, 1883 Magazine, and more, Chris Grey is exploring even more musical possibilities and heavier themes while still staying true to who he is as a natural storyteller through his lyrics. In addition to his own thriving music career, Chris Grey has collaborated with a number of esteemed artists, including having produced 2 tracks on the JUNO-nominated album New Mania by hip-hop duo 88GLAM.

As Chris continues to explores themes touching on vulnerability, love, and more in his songwriting, while succinctly capturing the mood in which he’s experiencing at that moment through distinct melodies, “Seamless” is just the next track that will captivate listeners and continue making this singer, songwriter, and producer one talent to keep your eye on.


Creative wunderkind Chris Grey has lent his talents to a wide array of high-profile artists, including a pair of tracks on hip-hop duo 88GLAM’s JUNO-nominated album New Mania. The prolific 20-year-old has been honing his production skills since the age of 11, leading to an enviable list of credits and millions of streams from the producer’s chair. But most recently, Grey has been dropping tracks under his own name, combining years of collaboration, experimentation, and success into a compelling and innovative sound of his own. Both of Grey’s parents were born in Kingston – his father in the Jamaican capital and mother the historic Canadian city – and their respective cultural backgrounds cohere seamlessly in Grey’s work. “My sound really stems from those two worlds,” he says, referencing the reggae, R&B, and disco records his father, a famous DJ in his homeland, would constantly spin, along with the Canadian pop and rock staples favoured by his mom.

The Toronto-based singer, songwriter, producer, director, photographer, and myriad of other things boasts a mastery of modern R&B and pop, effortlessly weaving fragments of different styles and scenes into an eerie, intense, and totally captivating take on the Toronto Sound showcasing his unforgettable voice loaded with intensity and urgency – not to mention a signature falsetto that enhances his emotional impact.

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