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Ke$ha: "It's hard to stay mentally stable"

Ke$ha has revealed that she finds it difficult to keep sane whilst on tour.

The flamboyant star recently released her second album 'Warrior' but it seems she had a tough time whilst on tour prior to making the record.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ke$ha admitted that sleep deprivation whilst on the road doesn't make for the best mental state. The singer said:

"When you don't sleep properly for weeks at a time it's hard to stay mentally stable - it's also why you're an artist because you're a little crazy to begin with."

She continued: "Before writing my new album, 'Warrior', I decided to go on what I call my spirit journey. My manager tried to make me take security to protect me but I said no."

The 'Die Young' star added that she went to the serene Galapagos Islands and South Africa to take in the local wildlife.

She continued: "It was important for me as talking about yourself in interviews is a very egocentric lifestyle. There's not a lot of normal stuff happening in my life. It's all pretty weird and magical and I wanted to write about that. I'm still celebrating life on this album, and I hope I'll be doing that till the day I die. You hear lots of different sides of my personality, but my fans still get me talking sh*t over a dance beat."




Watch Ke$ha being interviewed below: