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Ke$ha: 'I'd be the funnest President ever, whiskey for all!'

Pop sensation Ke$ha has revealed what she would do if she could be the U.S. President.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the inauguration that took place yesterday (January 21), the 'Die Young' songstress explained that she would love to run the country and would make it a lot of fun:

"I'd be the funnest president ever. Whiskey for all... then I would... look at equal rights and animal rights."

She added that it was especially inspiring to hear President Barack Obama talk openly and supportively about equality and gay rights: "Those are two things I feel very strongly about. But especially him addressing equal rights today was moving for me."

"A lot of my friends and family are gay and lesbian, and it's an issue that's very close to my heart."

She also tweeted about the inauguration and praised Obama for his moving speech: "Obama became 1st president to address gay rights during an inauguration speech.  Proud to have a president who believes We R Who We R."




Watch Ke$ha's music video for 'C'Mon' here: