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Ke$ha insists her songs have meaning

Ke$ha never writes a song for the "heck if it".

The 'Tik Tok' songstress discussed the process of coming up with a hit track, and says she doesn't have a particular way of producing an album.

Ke$ha told "It just happens to me. I just go with the flow. I write when I know I have something to express. I just write for the heck of it. Unlike others, I have nothing to fake about with my songs. I write and then sing what I feel is correct.

She added: "A lot of artistes would not incorporate the same wordings as I do but I don't cheat with my music. In fact, I work very hard to get the job completed."

Ke$ha's music famously revolves around the themes of partying and drinking, and the star has revealed the inspiration behind her albums.

She said: "My recent album is about the music I love. It is inspired by my memories, experiences, the moments I witnessed while I was on tour. I've tried to revive the old rock-n-roll genre with it. It is also influenced by electro pop and dance pop. It is like an evolution to me. It expresses some parts of my life right from parties, love, sex and not to forget my erotic encounter with a male supernatural spirit."





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