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Ke$ha on naughty photo scandal: 'I'd never even thought of suicide before that'

Pop songstress Ke$ha has admitted that a photo of her supposedly performing a sex act that leaked to the press caused her significant mental distress.

During an interview with the Rolling Stone, the 'Die Young' beauty opened up about the illicit snapshot and confessed that while she doesn't even know if it's her in the picture, because she can't remember the incident, she was very troubled by it and almost took drastic measures:

"I'd never even thought of suicide before that. Would I ever resort to that? No."

"But I went three days without sleeping and I was hallucinating from lack of sleep, so my doctor put me on anti-anxiety medicine. It's still a daily struggle."

"I call my manager every morning and say, 'Is there anything negative about me in the news today?' I don't even know if that's me in the photo. I don't remember that situation... Not with blue eye shadow on! C'mon, I'm not a stripper!"





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