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Ke$ha calls on fans to rescue animals from being put down

Animal lover Ke$ha has urged her fans to adopt dogs and cats from a sanctuary that is being forced to close at the end of this month.

The 'Die Young' superstar, who was recently made an ambassador of The Humane Society due to her concern over animals' welfare and activism for their protection, took to her official Twitter page earlier today (September 6) and wrote:

"Animals, help! Anyone interested in saving a life?! Please go to Kern County Animal Shelter. They are being evicted and have over 700 cats and dogs that need to be rescued by September 30 or they will all be put down."

She added: "Dogs are $15 and cats are $5. All are spayed/neutered, microchipped and have shots. Please go and save a life!!!!"

Back in March, she revealed to Billboard that followng a live performance one night she came across some stray dogs that had been glued together and went out of her way to help them: "I was calling the Humane Society in the middle of the night and nobody was answering. I bitched about it to enough people that they ended up sending a whole help team of volunteers."






Check out her recent interview with Radio 1 below: