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Ke$ha adopts adorable 'white lion' kitty

Animal-loving pop star Ke$ha has revealed that she has brought another pet into her little family and this time it's an adorable white cat. 

Writing on her official Twitter page over the weekend (October 6), she explained that the beautiful feline was kept in a small cage for months on end and she rescued him:

"New kitty was in a tiny cage for 8 months... I couldn't just leave him!! Now he has his own bedroom... Just need a name. Per request animals! Here's a pic... He needs a name.... Help!?!"

She returned to the social networking site shortly after, adding: "He looks like a white lion!"

Ke$ha, who was named an ambassador of the Humane Society earlier this year, has now set up an official Instagram account for the kitty, who she has finally named Mr. Fluffypants, and has shared a series of cute snapshots with his followers and her fans alike.

Last month, she urged her fans to adopt animals from a shelter in Kern County as it was being forced to close so 700 lives were at risk of being terminated: ""Animals, help! Anyone interested in saving a life?! Please go to Kern County Animal Shelter. They are being evicted and have over 700 cats and dogs that need to be rescued."






Listen to her new collaboration with Pitbull on 'Timber' below: