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Kings Of Leon "the same kids" as 10 years ago

Just days after the director of 'Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings Of Leon' dished the dirt on the Followill family, the band themselves have opened up about the documentary. 

It recently received its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and band member Nathan explained they thought it was important for the movie to capture the essence of who they are both as individuals and as one of this generation's iconic rock acts:

"We wanted to keep it as we were, as real as possible, just to show that we're the same kids who were crawdad-hunting in the creek when we were 10 years old."

Referring to the premiere, Caleb Followill added:

"If that was it, and no one else saw the movie, I'd still be pretty proud of what we've done,"

"We got to bring our family to New York [for the premiere]. They got to walk down the red carpet and be stars themselves for a day."

Watch red carpet footage from the film's unveiling, including a brief interview with the guys, below: