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Kylie Minogue signed up to The Voice to get over love split

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she has upped her workload in order to get over a failed relationship.

The Aussie split from model Andres Velencoso last year and the singer told that she turned to work to keep her mind off the break-up.

She is currently appearing as a coach on The Voice UK and Minogue is also set to film the show in her native country too.

The 'Into The Blue' star said: "It's a little bit of a cheat, definitely, being busy. It's helpful. It's a little while now, I'm not quite as raw as I was. But, yeah, being busy's good for me."

Minogue added about the fear of being labelled 'unlucky in love': "I can't help but have that go through my mind when something like this happens, 'Ah, yep, that headline's gonna come'. That's OK. I like to think I'm not so much unlucky in love, it's something we're all looking for, all striving for. Some people manage to find that person and be with them forever or for a long time."

The singer meanwhile is due to release her new album 'Kiss Me Once' on March 17.

Watch Kylie in action below: