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Kylie Minogue admits the making of new album was a "bumpy road"

Kylie Minogue has confessed that it wasn't always plain sailing when creating her latest record.

The singer unleashed her new effort 'Kiss Me Once' on Monday (March 17) in the UK.

However, the Australian told the BBC that there were some moments during its creation where it seemed like the "finish line" kept on getting further away.

She said in reference to making records: "It can be a bumpy road. You're making the album and saying, 'Surely, we're going to hit our stride soon'. But sometimes the closer you get, the further away the finish line seems."

Minogue added that she brought in the help of fellow Australian Sia, who is credited as an executive producer, to help mould the record. She said:

"I was able to offload a lot of stuff to her. I mean, I gave her everything I'd recorded, which already was a lot, and she was able to come in with a fresh set of ears, some distance. We started to have a collection of songs that sounded like 'Kylie Songs'. That's when I first thought I could actually see the finishing line."

Watch Kylie's new videos below: